Today I want to share with you a real story about how my life was changed by John Kane and the Binary Today website. I’m sure some of you are going to question me, and wonder how this could all be possible but thanks to the Binary Today Trader, Binary IQ, Binary Brain Wave, Binary Today 5, Binary Options Bullet and Binary Ascend, I’m up $300K.

I don’t want to give you the sales pitch sob story you’ve heard 1 million times before, about how I was down on my luck.

No, I wasn’t down on my luck, I was being stupid. That’s the honest truth.

I saw bright lights, money signs in the form of binary options get rich quick schemes and I dove headfirst in every sad-sack opportunity I saw. I sunk thousands of dollars into Copy Buffet Software, and lost even more when I started letting my broker account manager start trading for me.

I basically fell down every rung of the binary options scam ladder, and deserved to get hit every single time that I did.

Then There Was Binary Today

I first came across John Kane and the Binary Today community early on in my binary options journey, but at that point I was still digging my heels in with automated binary robots. I actually have an email conversation with John Kane where he told me specifically that I should try signal software, and stop chasing easy dollars.

I really wish that I listened.

But let’s not revisit past wounds. Let’s jump to a part of my journey that I’m more comfortable discussing.

Binary Options Software

I knew that automated binary trading wasn’t the answer, so I decided to try one of the highly touted Binary Today trading systems. These signal systems had hundreds of votes from their community and comments popping up every single day so I knew that this was more legitimate than anything I dealt with in the past.

In fact, when looking back at the old blogs and trading review sites I was dealing with I noticed that there were very few comments at all. Almost all the comments on these blogs came on the first few days and then nobody continued to talk about them. Also, the level of conversation in comparison to Binary Today wasn’t even close. All of the comments on the Binary Today site talked about actual strategy and different techniques traders were using to increase their ITM %.

Every single day there were new comments for each one of these systems, and I was soaking up the knowledge.

The first software I tried was Binary Options Bullet. This system was and still is like nothing I’ve ever used. It utilizes specific trading times because the developers actually analyzed how their strategy performed in different trading sessions and found it to be most effective with a few pairs trading 8-10 hours a day. For a lot of people, this isn’t what they are looking for because they want something the trades every single hour and every single pair but that’s not always going to be the right strategy.

After paying off the Binary Options Bullet software in the first few days of using it, I knew that I needed to add more binary options software to my trading arsenal.

I did what I always do now, I went back to Binary Today, and this time I picked out both Binary Brain Wave and Binary Ascend. I still use both of these tools on a daily basis, in very specific ways. For Brainwave I trade only ranging markets utilizing the free Binary Today Range Detector tool. As for Binary Ascend, I use the Low Risk signals, which provide very few signals, but at an extremely high winning rate.

After 6 months with the systems I was starting to double and triple my account using aggressive money management strategies that I learned from the comments sections of each respective product.

Binary Today In 2017

Now, jumping forward a few years, I’m still using all of the top rated Binary Today trading systems. I use the first 3 trading systems that I ever signed up with, and I’ve also added the Binary Today Trader, Binary Today 5 and Binary IQ software to the list.

Adding these 3 systems has helped me increase my earnings exponentially each month, as it’s clear these MetaTrader 4 based strategies are getting much more technologically advanced. With each release, I’m seeing an increase in my winning percentage and that’s allowing me to earn $10-15,000 per month.

  • 2014 71%
  • 2015 74%
  • 2016 75%
  • 2017 78%

This yearly increase in my winning percentage can directly be attributed to all 6 of the trading systems that I use. You’re probably saying to yourself, that’s a lot of binary options software, and it is, but it works.

In using the systems I’ve been able to accumulate $300,000 trading binary options because I did it the right way.

Either you use a real binary options signal software, or you trade manually. There is no other way to be successful in the binary options market as it stands. Automated tools are only causing people major losses because the systems don’t actually have real strategies.

I have done the research on every single software rated highly by the Binary Today readers, and they all have specific strategies. John Kane will even show you the code if you ask him to, and I have.

The best thing about Binary Today is that it works, and it always will.